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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin?)

Fill out and download a MSO here.

Where can I find the users manual for my product?

All user manuals for all models of Sun Dolphin boats can be found on our owner manual page.

How do I order replacement parts for broken or missing parts?

Please refer to our Sun Dolphin Accessories Page for purchasing replacement parts. 

Can I repair my kayak if it gets cracked?

YES.  All or our products are made of high density polyethylene and can be repaired at home with some basic tools and some spare polyethylene.  You can contact our customer support team to get a hot knife repair kit and instructions on how to do the repair yourself at home.

What do I do if dents form in the hull from improper storage?
  1. Relieve the pressure that caused the dent \ distortion by supporting your boat differently.
  2. Expose the dents to warm sunlight sunlight.  Usually the south side of a building is the warmest spot.  As the boat warms up, the boat will usually return to its original molded shape.
Do I need to register my boat with my state?
Most states require that you register your boat if it has a motor or will be used with a motor. Also, several states require you to register the boat if it exceeds a certain length. To determine the registration requirements, please check with your state licensing bureau. This varies from state to state, but is often the Secretary of State, Department of Natural Resources or the Department of Motor Vehicles. Please make sure if your state does require you to register your boat, that you complete the Manufactures Statement of Origin (MSO) in entirety along with bringing a proof of purchase.
Where can I buy a kayak/boat?
Where can I buy accessories for my kayak/boat?

Please refer to our Sun Dolphin Accessories Page for purchasing replacement parts. .

Do I need to register my product for the warranty to be valid?

Yes, all products must be registered within 30 days of purchase to validate warranty.

How should I store my kayak?

Store your kayak on its side. Do not store in on it’s hull or on 2×4 saw horses as this can cause to hull to deform over time. To protect your kayak, we recommend providing shelter from the sun while in storage. To avoid excessive heat build up, do not cover your kayak with a tarp laying directly on its surface. Make sure to leave adequate air space for circulation. We recommend storing your kayak inside for the winter.

Where can I find my serial number hull ID?

The hull ID \ serial number is located on the rear right-hand side of the hull.  The number starts with 3 letters and is 12 digits long.

What are the 3 “rings” that came with my paddle?

These rings are paddle drip rings. They are used to keep excess water from running down the paddle shaft while out on paddling excursions. Simply slide on the shaft of the paddle and you will be good to go. There are 3 as we give you one extra.